The Pelipost Story

Becky & Joe at Pelipost HQ

Pelipost is a family run business that was born out of love and personal experiences of Mother/son, Becky and Joe Calderon, who experienced first-hand what it’s like to have and be an incarcerated loved one.

Joe was in college, Becky’s legal troubles caught up with her, and she received a three year prison term. Becky was sentenced to California’s Central Women’s Facility in Chowchilla, an eight-hour drive away from Joe. Communication was extremely limited, and finding ways to stay in touch was challenging. 

While incarcerated, Becky missed major events, like her son’s graduation, when he got his first job out of school, and when he bought his first car. Becky would ask Joe for photos of his life, but sending photos to prison manually is a complicated, time-consuming process, and he struggled to find the time to send pictures.

“To receive pictures from home was a celebration in the cell,” Becky says. “It didn’t matter who received them, they were always shared with those around you. It’s like saying ‘SEE! This is my real life outside of these walls.’”

“One day, I remember thinking to myself ‘I have thousands of pictures on my phone. I wish there was a service that could print and send my photos for me,’” Joe says. “The idea stuck with me and upon my mom’s release, we got down to business and launched a mobile app called Pelipost.”

From this personal experience, Pelipost came to be. Becky and Joe understand what it’s like to be separated from a loved one by incarceration. Their mission is to bring hope to families and their incarcerated loved ones through cherished representations of the love and life on the outside. Today, Pelipost has shipped over 10 million photos and proudly serves over 500,000 customers around the world.

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  1. Yeah I have experienced with my husband Michael Gonzalez he loves it everything all about his life for loving 🥰 and he deserves happiness days blessings with my life with him all his rest of hearts forever belong our love and supportives prayers for my husband Michael in my heart prayers always stay together for last to end the blessed us each other for god’s words amen 🙏

    Michael Anthony Gonzalez ❤️& Andy Gonzalez ❤️🙏🤟🤟🤟

  2. Yes I’m a mom and ex wife and they complain that the other sites are not able to make out the pictures and this one has better pictures. I’m counting on this site to help, but please let’s not not the cost get in the way. It’s very expensive….

  3. My son has been away since 2016 & has missed so much. We have moved & life changes have come & gone & we sent no photos, though we did visit (11 hours away) as often as we could, but with 2020 being locked down we were limited to calls only. He recently told me about Pelipost & I just sent my 1st batch of photos a few days ago, including some of the garden I just planted. It feels so good to think we have this connection & it was such a fast, easy process, thank you!

  4. I have been using this for a couple of years now and love it. However I have ran into a problem at my sons facility. They are photo coping the pictures and then giving them to him. Which makes no since to me. If I’m paying to have them sent through a legit company why would they photo copy them? Aggravated!

  5. Thanks I Truly Appreciate Ya’ll I Love Being Able to send My Boyfriend Pics with Pelipost App less time much easier and quicker Sharing Family Memories with Him Really Encourage and Make His Days Better

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