William Davenport: PeliPALS Story

It’s hard to understand what life is like for the incarcerated. That’s why we want to bring our PeliPALS stories to light and share their experiences with incarceration. Today, we bring you the story of William Davenport.

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Written By: William Davenport

Most people are incapable of relating to the loneliness being incarcerated can bring. My family will never fully understand how letters, photos, phone calls, and visits / video visits help me cope with all the negativity that surrounds me.

Although I put emphasis on my loved ones sending photos, no one gave my request any serious consideration. Fortunately, I found a Pelipost ad, created a prepaid account, and informed my family of an easy way to send pictures. Thanks to Pelipost, I now receive photos regularly!

Photos help me get through the day-to-day struggle of missing my family. Although it’s always great to hear a familiar voice, as an aspiring photographer it’s the photos from my family that I look forward to the most. To sum it all up, my family and potential friends are always welcome to send photos to keep my spirits up during these most difficult times!

Sincerely, William Davenport

Thank you for reading William’s story.

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2 Replies to “William Davenport: PeliPALS Story”

  1. It’s hard being but here alone without my husband he’s been gone almost 2 years just release date is next September and we’re never apart this is as long as we’ve ever been with each other and it’s miserable I haven’t even got to go see him since they took him medicine I talk to him but when money is tight and it’s hard for me to keep money on his on my phone for him it’s the only way that we get to communicate I miss him so much so hard

    1. Thank you for sharing your experience with us, Kendra. We understand how difficult and costly it can be just to keep in communication with your loved one. With the SB1008 passing and taking effect in January in California, we hope that other states will follow suit to ease the burden on families and loved ones by making phone calls free.

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